International A-Levels

International A-Levels

International A-Levels

Our Distance-learning A-Level Courses

The A Level or Advanced Level qualification is completed after secondary school and is of a higher grade than a GCSE or IGCSE qualification. A-Levels comprise of two parts:

- The AS Level (studied over one academic year)

- The A2 Level (studied over one academic year)

When completed together, the above qualifications are then collectively called an A-Level. At OBA School, we offer International A Levels, completed in the same way. This means that to gain a full qualification the student must undertake both the International AS Level (IAS) and the International A2 Level (IA2) courses.

The International AS Level can, however, be studied as a standalone qualification, regardless of whether you would like to progress onto the International A2 Level. A2 Levels, international or otherwise, can only be taken on completion of an AS Level. As previously stated, the completion of an IA2 allows participants to convert their AS Level qualification into a full A Level or International A Level qualification.
Our international A Levels are offered on a distance learning basis, completed via interactive video tutorials, live online classes and exams taken in an exam center close to your location.

What can you do with an International A-Level?

An International A Level can open doors for you. Gaining an IAL qualification in three subjects would provide you with the necessary requirements for direct entry into the first year of an undergraduate course, at the majority of British universities.

By studying with OBA, you can take the next steps on your education journey, allowing you the opportunity to go to university. Ultimately, an improved education translates to an improved quality of life, furthering your prospects and allowing you to reach your full potential.

If you are planning on going on to study at a British university, you should be mindful of your end goal when selecting your IAL subjects. Universities tend to require a minimum of 3 A Levels, for direct entry onto an undergraduate course. These should be as closely related to the degree as possible, with at least two of the subjects being directly related. For example, if you would like to study engineering at degree level, you may want to choose to study International A Levels in mathematics and physics, as well as a suitable third subject. This is encouraged so that you are more likely to meet the admission criteria of your chosen university.

Browse the range of international A-level courses we offer below:

Biology International A-Level

Physics International A-Level

Chemistry International A-Level

Maths International A-Level

 The diagram below shows the possible progression from International A-level to completion of an undergraduate degree:

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Choosing the Right Course (s)

Choosing the right course can be a tough decision; It requires careful consideration into your future educational goals. Our handy guide on  Choosing the Right Course to Study  helps you to understand the best way to select your International A Level subjects. 

We also have a page on  University Requirements  which allows you to select your desired university, degree subject and entry year. It will then provide you with the subjects required in order to study at your chosen selection.


Who are our International A-Level Qualifications Issued By? 

Although all learning is completed online, via our video tutorials and online classes, we do not issue the qualifications ourselves. In most of the world's countries, the issuing of secondary school general certificates is the responsibility of the ministry of education. This is however not the case within the UK.

In the UK, the task of issuing qualifications is carried out by organizations known as awarding bodies. These bodies include organizations such as Pearson-Edexcel, Cambridge International and more. The responsibility of the awarding-body is to set the syllabus of all school levels, including the secondary level, and to issue the formal exams which will determine the grade of qualification. On completion the same awarding body will collect the exam papers for marking, grades and qualifications will then be issued to each participating student.
This is carried out across all schools within the UK; the school itself teaches the syllabus however, the examinations and qualifications are set by the external awarding body. When you study A Levels online, this is also the case. The syllabus will be taught via the OBA online resources, with examinations being held at an exam center close to your location.

On completion of your exams, your paper will be marked and grade awarded. For each International A Level subject studied, you will receive an individual qualification. For example, if you study International A Levels in chemistry, biology and geography, you will receive three individual qualifications. Due to this, by studying an online A Level course, you have a higher degree of flexibility. Courses can be studied simultaneously or alone. This allows users to fit studying around their schedule.

How Long Will it Take to Complete an IAL?

Both International AS Levels and International A2 Levels require approximately 250 study hours per course to complete, usually taking around 12 months. Students can however complete courses at a faster rate, should they have the time resources available. The estimated time to complete your courses can be seen below:

Scenario 1: for a 12-month study plan, you would need to complete 6 hours study per week, for each subject chosen.
Scenario 2: for a 9-month study plan, you would need to complete 8 hours study per week, for each subject chosen.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when estimating your course duration, such as the number of subjects you are studying concurrently, your current employment status, your initial English language skills in reading and writing and any other time constricting commitments you may have .

Further Information

For further information on International A Levels, visit our International AS and International A2 Level course pages. Discover course information from syllabus outlines, tuitions fees, how to apply and more.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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