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Taking Your Formal Exam

It is very important for you to know that your formal exams are externally assessed; that means you won’t be examined by OBA when you complete your study but by the examiner board i.e. any of AQA or Pearson or Cambridge International which depends on the course you have studied with us. The marks you achieve in your formal exams counts by 100% toward your qualifications while the ongoing internal exams you take with OBA do not contribute towards your qualification marks.

Where Do I Take My Formal Exams After I Finish My Course?

In any approved Exams Centres including the following:

1)     For student lives in the UK: 

1.1)   With AQA Approved Examination Centres. Find more here

1.2)   With Pearson Approved Examination Centres. Find more here

1.3)   Or with Cambridge Approved Exams Centres. Find more here

2)     For student lives outside the UK:
2.1)   Pearson Approved International Examination Centres. Find more here
2.2)   Or with Cambridge International Approved Exams Centres. Find more here
2.3)   Or with the British Council in your Country of residence. Find more here

Important: please remember always to introduce yourself as a “Private-candidate” when you speak to the Approved Examination Centre or to the British Council to ensure they will be relevant in their response to your inquiry about registering for the formal exams with Pearson or Cambridge International. You would need to inform them that you would like to register for IGCSE or International A-level exams and to provide them with exam name and code

 Explanation of Your Formal Examinations Process

The examiner-board; also called awarding-body such as Pearson or Cambridge International issues every year their exams timetable for the IGCSE and International A-level qualifications and send it to the exams centres and the British Council around the world and publish it online. Thereafter process goes as explained below:

1)     Step 1: You would need to ensure you register for your exams with the exam centres or British Council in your country of residence 4 months earlier than the exam day, therefore, you have to contact the exams centres and register with them for the intended exams

2)     Step 2: After submitting your exam registration form to the approved exams centres or the British Council in your country, your form will be posted to the examiner-board in the UK to either Pearson or Cambridge International

3)     Step 3: The examiner-board in the UK in turn will register you in the exams and will inform the exam centre that you have successfully booked for the intended exams

4)     Step 4: Just short time before the exam day the examiner-board will send the exam papers to the exam centres or the British Council who would store them securely in their facility till the day of the exam

5)     Step 5: On the exam day, the exam centre will host you in an appropriate exam environment and with a dedicated invigilator who will provide you with the exam papers and ensures the exam time is kept exactly as specified by the examiner-board

6)     Step 6: After completing your exams, the invigilator collects from you your exam’s answers and post them securely to the examiner-board in the UK

7)     Step 7: The examiner-board then marks your exams answers and accordingly issue your transcript/qualification certificates and post them to you to collect them from the exam centre or British Council where you have set for your exam

Examination Centres Role Explained

Commonly, schools’ students studying full-time take their formal exams at the premises of the school itself. This is not quite the same case with Private-student who studies through distance learning as they have the option to sit for their external exams with any approved exams centre or the British Council in their country of residence.

Through partnering with thousands of approved exams centres in the UK and outside the UK, the examination board (also called awarding-body) such as Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International have facilitated the examination process for the private-candidate students who wish to take their formal exams in the International GCSE or A-level.

Exams Registration Responsibility 

It should be noticed that it is the responsibility of the student to make the necessary arrangement and make the exams fees to the exam centre or the British Council. The courses fees of OBA School do not include any exams fee or any arrangement for your external exams.

Note that when you communicate with the British Council or with Pearson-Edexcel approved examination centre you would need to mention you are a “Private Candidate” in order for them to provide you with the relevant forms and requirements.

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To Find PEARSON-EDEXCEL Exam Centres in the UK Please Follow the Below UK Map and Zoom in to Find the Closest Centre to Your Location

To Find PEARSON-EDEXCEL Exam Centres Outside the UK Please Follow the Below Map and Zoom in to Find the Closest Centre to Your Location


Alternatively, you can use the database prepared by PEARSON-EDEXCEL to find approved exam centres across the world by clicking "Here


Cambridge Assessment International Examination Centers in your country of residence in the UK and Outside the UK

You can find available Cambridge International Examination Centers by visiting the dedicated page on the Cambridge website by clicking "Here" and then by searching their database

It is worth noting here that the most accredited Cambridge centers are schools that teach the Cambridge curriculum rather than an independent exam centres, however, Cambridge database contains a fair amount of independent exam centres, beside many of the schools in who accept private candidates as indicated in the column to right hand side of the table under the column called “Private Candidate Accepted” as illustrated in the below video. Please select your country of residence and the city closest to you to get a list of the schools and independent exam centres that accept private candidates