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Chemistry AS-level & IAS

Chemistry AS-level & IAS

Chemists work at the forefront of science, developing materials and products that we use every day and finding solutions to problems that affect our lives. Through the course students develop experimental and investigation skills and becomes able to analyse, interpret and handling data to evaluate chemical information and making judgements based on this information.

Pearson-Edexcel International AS-Level in Chemistry Qualification (XCH11)

Chemists work at the forefront of science, developing materials and products that we use every day and finding solutions to problems that affect our lives. Through the course students develop experimental and investigation skills and becomes able to analyse, interpret and handling data to evaluate chemical information and making judgements based on this information.
If you want to study at a university level medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemical Engineering, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, environmental science or the development of consumer products, then studying Chemistry at AS is a vital first step.
Studying the International AS-level curriculum in chemistry is an appropriate qualification for distance learning in terms of teaching and receiving education and taking the formal examinations. Once you have completed your course, you will have prepared yourself to attend an external formal examinations in either of the British Council or one of the Pearson-Edexcel approved examination centers in your country of residence.

Accreditation and Course Code

The course prepares you to sit for Pearson-Edexcel examination in the International AS-level in chemistry in any Pearson-Edexcel approved examination center in the UK, or if you are an overseas student then you can either sit for the formal exam of this course in any of Pearson-Edexcel approved exam centers in your country of residence or with the nearest British Council branch to you. The full name of the qualifications is:

(PEARSON-EDEXCEL International Advanced Subsidiary in chemistry (XCH11

Entry Requirements

Academic requirement: We recommend for candidates planning to join this course to have a minimum prerequisite including Any of the below:

  • Have passed successfully your IGCSE in chemistry
  • Or have passed successfully the IGCSE in Science Double Award
  • Or have passed successfully grade 10 school level in your country. In this case, if English was not the medium of instruction of the chemistry books you studied from then you would need to study some introductory courses including the below preparation courses to bring you up to the acceptable basic technical English level with the physics  and also the essential mathematics skills:
    • Short preparation course in chemistry (free of charge)
    • Short course in mathematics for science (free of charge)

The two preparation courses are provided free of charge for students enroll in this course, each of the two preparation courses takes around one month or 40 hours of studying considering studying 10 hours per week in average.

English language requirement : If your first language is English, then you may skip this section. But if your first language is Not English then check the below to know the English language the requirements:

  • If you have studied and passed successfully IGCSE in English As A Second Language (ESL) then you have met with our English language requirements and you can start immediately with our AS-level courses
  • Or if you studied and passed successfully at least 3 IGCSE subjects
  • Or if you have any suitable English language qualification or test that is equivalent to IELTS band 5 or Cambridge A2-Key (KET) qualification.

If you don’t have any of the above 3 prerequisites options and you wish to enrol in our A-International A-level courses then you are required to take our free online English proficiency test (EPT) in order to assess if you can join our IGCSE courses immediately or would require to take some English language courses for preparation first. Upon finishing your EPT test you will immediate have a feedback on your English language skills and which level it is equivalent to, just follow the on-screen instructions to the end. To take the English proficiency test please click here.
If your English language skills do not qualify you to start immediately, then you can still enrol in our A-level courses, that will entitle you to join our English language preparation courses from any English level that you have presently up to the Elementary level 3B  free of charge provided you have already enrolled in 3 International A-level subjects.


The International AS-level chemsitry provides progression to International A2-levels in chemistry. Alternatively, for students who are planning to study something not related to chemistry at university level, they can still benefit from achieving this qualification as it will add a great value to their university application along with other International A-levels qualifications. While if the students are planning to apply for university foundation year then the International AS-level can replace one of the 5 IGCSE subjects admission requirements with better consideration by universities since the International AS-level is higher than International GCSE. The two alternative routes can be tabulated follows:

University level applying for

Standard Qualifications Needed for Universities Admission

Better Alternative Entry Requirements to Universities

Direct entry to university foundation year

5 IGCSE Subjects

With any International AS-level qualification replaces any of the 5 IGCSE subjects, student can boost their chances of acceptance by universities

Direct entry to the first-year university level

3 International A-level Subjects

Adding one International AS-level or more to 3 full International A-levels qualifications from different subject will increase the student’s chances to get accepted by the best British universities

Examination Centres

It is known that everywhere in the word student studies full time at a school sits her/his exams in the same school, but due to the popularity and demand for the British qualifications many examination boards such as Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International have allowed private candidates such as distance learners to be able to sit for their exams from their country of residence without the need to come to the UK to take those exams, this was dealt with by appointing some organizations in each country chosen by the examination boards (Pearson-Edexcel or Cambridge International) in order provide the exams location to the students. There are two options for distance learner where they can register and sit for their exams in their country of residence:

Option-1: Pearson-Edexcel Approved Exam Centres

  • For Students in the UK click here.
  • For Student Outside the UK click here.

Option-2: British Council
Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge work in a partnership with the British Council which allows students in many countries to be able to sit for their exams in the British Council as private candidates. To find more information about the British Council click here then choose your country from the dropdown menu. Please remember to inform them that you are a “Private Candidate” and would like to register for Pearson-Edexcel or Cambridge exams and provide them with exam name and code.

What your Course Fees Doesn’t Cover

Course fees do NOT include examinations or arrangement fees which required to sit for your formal exams and are paid for either the examination centre whether it is Pearson-Edexcel Examination Approved Centre or the British Council in your country of residence.

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