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Online Maths A level - A2

Online Maths A level - A2

The study of maths is of an extraordinarily importance as it’s integral to a huge variety of degrees and fields. Maths helps us to predict the future by reasoning analysis, create graphics to understand the stock and currency change behaviour. Engineers use mathematics to calculate how to build skyscrapers or make airplanes flies, mathematics is there behind everything works, it is the skeleton of every science and without it the humankind would not have reached the all the technology we seeing around us today!


Course Fee: £ 450

About Our A2 level Maths

Studying our online A level maths will extremely benefit you if you are planning go to further education, improving your job prospects or expanding and improving your knowledge and abilities. Studying mathematics is not only intellectually rewarding in everyday life transaction, but also essential for many higher education courses and careers.

An A-Level in a mathematics can be the first step towards university degree and student must gain A-level qualification at A-level in order to get university acceptance to any of the below majors:

  1. Science degree such as chemistry, physics, biology, and any other major related to those area.
  2. Most of the engineer majors such as aerospace, petroleum, electrical, mechanical, nuclear and more options.
  3. If you want to study Information and Communications Technology degree or computer science.
  4. If you are thinking of studying a degree in a finance, economy or business studies.

Studying our online A level maths by Pearson-Edexcel is a flexible course and convenient for course for teaching delivery through distance learning and for sitting for the formal examinations. Once you have completed your course, you will have prepared yourself to attend an external formal examinations in any Pearson-Edexcel approved examination centers across the UK. If you are living outside the UK, we recommend you checking with the nearest British Council branch to you if they offer exams service, in most cases they do.

Accreditation and Course Code

Our online A level Mathematics course prepares you to sit for Pearson-Edexcel examination in any Pearson-Edexcel approved examination center across the UK, or if you are an overseas student then you can either sit for the exams of this course in any of Pearson-Edexcel approved exam centers in your country of residence or in the nearest British Council branch to you. The full name of the qualifications is:

(Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Mathematics (9MA0

Entry Requirements

Academic requirement: We recommend for candidates planning to join this course to have a minimum prerequisite including Any of the below:

  1. Have passed successfully your AS level maths or or equivalent.
  2. Or have passed successfully grade 12 school level in your country.

English language requirement: If your first language is English then you may skip this section.  

If your first language is Not English and you wish to enrol in our GCSE courses then you are required to take our free online English proficiency test, just follow the on-screen instructions to the end. To take the English proficiency test please click here and indicate your marks in the comment section of your Application.


Gaining A level maths qualification together with another 2 other A-level qualifications meet the admission requirements for the vast majority of the British universities for a direct entry to first year to relevant degrees, that of course provided the grade you achieve in you’re A level are inline with the admission criteria of your chosen university.

Course Content

Our online A level maths course is designed to prepare you for the Pearson-Edexcel examination in the A level mathematics, exam code 9MA0. Topics you will learn in our online A2-level maths course including:

Pure Maths Year 2

  • Algebraic
  • Functions and Graphs
  • Sequences and Series
  • Binomial Expansion
  • Radians
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Trigonometry and Modelling
  • Parametric Equations
  • Differentiation
  • Numerical Methods
  • Integration
  • Vectors

 Statistics and Mechanics Year 2


  • Regression, correlation and hypothesis testing
  • Conditional probability
  • The normal distribution


  • Moments
  • Forces and friction
  • Projectiles
  • Applications of forces
  • Further kinematics

Examination Centres

It is very important for you to know that your formal exams are externally assessed; that means you won’t be examined by OBA when you complete your study but by the examiner board i.e. by Pearson-Edexcel for this course. The marks you achieve in your formal exams counts by 100% toward your qualifications while the ongoing internal exams you take with OBA do not contribute towards your qualification marks.

Where Do I Take My Formal Exams After I Finish My Course?

In any approved Exams Centres including the following:

1) For Pearson-Edexcel Approved Exams Centres in the UK:  to find an approved exam centre nearby you please follow this link here


2) For Students Living Outside the UK: you will need to contact the British Council at your country of residence to ask them if you can register for Pearson-Edexcel exams. Ensure you inform them that you are a private-candidate i.e. a student studying through distance-learning. To find more information about the British Council click here then choose your country from the dropdown menu. 

What your Course Fees Covers and Doesn’t Cover

What is Your Subscription Covers?

1- Twelve-month enrolment for your AS-Level. 
2- Access to OBA School online eLearning platform where you find your course tutorials and the materials resources.
3- Frequent pre-scheduled online live classes.
4- Following up with you your internal exams, marking and feedback.
5- Responding to your inquiries and concern and providing you with personal tutor to full up with you your study progress and provides you with guidance on various essential matters.
6- An access to the student forum of the course you are enrolled in.

What is Your Subscription Does Not Covers?

Course fees do NOT include examinations or arrangement fees which required to sit for your formal exams and are paid for either the examination centre whether it is Pearson-Edexcel Examination Approved Centre or the British Council in your country of residence.

That's it!
Thank you and we wish you all the best of luck with your studies!

Payment & Monthly Instalments

The Below Payment Option Applies Only to the UK Resident Only
For instalment plan, you may spread the course fee over 10 months with each payment equals to £45 with 0% interest. If this option suits you, you may submit your application for the course by clicking the green button below then after the submission set your direct debit payment plan through GOCARDLESS button below for the A level Maths: