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Science Double Award

Science Double Award GCSE and IGCSE

AQA GCSE Course in Science Double Award Trilogy Starts in Mid of March 2020 | For March 2020 Scholarships For the UK Residents Only You Can Contact us if You Have Any Questions 


Do you know that IGCSE qualification gives you exactly what GCSE does? Both give progression to A-level and to any British universities foundation year. Even internationally, the iGCSE qualification is more recognised by universities across the world than GCSE. Also, you can sit for the iGCSE exams in the UK and in most of the world countries. To know more about the difference please click here

Edexcel International GCSE in Science Double Award qualification

The International GCSE or simply the IGCSE in Science Double Award is equivalent to two certificates of the IGCSE level (please read the last paragraph in this section). The Science Double Award course consists of three basic sections, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, all in one course to give you a broader knowledge of science as a whole.
As you study the biology part of this course you will be able to look at the origins of life and the organic composition of the human body and its functions and also you will learn about animals and plants and their organic composition and their lives stages. As for the Chemistry part, it is based on the study of the elements and atoms that form the basis of everything around us and their chemical and physical properties, as well as their reactions and their integration with each other and their compounds, and how to use chemical processes in the development and prosperity of human life. On the other hand, the Physics part, the student studies the power, movement, matter, energy and its sources, and the way it is converted into usable and controllable energy by man, as well as the study of radiation and its uses in modern technology, in addition to studying astronomy and other interesting topics in physics, biology and chemistry.
In this course, you will learn how scientific theories are built based on monitoring and observation of phenomena and how they are experimented to determine their validity and you will appreciate the importance of work accuracy and laboratory safety as an essential part of the curriculum. Experimental and laboratory skills are assessed in your formal exam but only theoretically and not actual lab, however, OBA School doesn’t provide you only with the theory but also with virtual labs available for you in its eLearning platform for you to interact with and learn the safety procedures required for actual labs, you will learn also the names of the basic equipment used in real labs for which would benefit you greatly in your progression to the university.
This course is suitable for students who have an interest in progressing to a non-science university degree in the future. However, student who plans to join a science or engineering university degree or other related disciplines is recommended to study the biology, chemistry and physics as independent IGCSE courses rather than studying the science double award IGCSE. Please note that it is prohibited to combine the IGCSE of Science with any International secondary education in biology, chemistry or physics.
Studying the Pearson-Edexcel IGCSE curriculum in Science Double Award is an appropriate qualification for distance learning in terms of teaching and receiving education and taking the formal examinations. Once you have completed your course, you will have prepared yourself to attend an external formal examinations in either of the British Council or one of the Pearson-Edexcel approved examination centers in your country of residence.

Some benefits for studying the science double award IGCSE including:

  •  It is a double weighted qualification. It means British universities consider this qualification as equivalent to two individual IGCSE’s. For example if the admission requirements to the university are 5 IGCSE qualifications (i.e. succeeding in 5 different IGCSE subjects), then succeeding in the Science Double Award IGCSE course would mean all what you need to study additionally is another 3 IGCSE subjects instead of 4 in order to meet the requirements of the university admission to foundation year.
  • The other option for the students after successfully passing this qualification is to progress to the International A-level study.

Accreditation and course code

The course prepares you to sit for Pearson-Edexcel examination in the IGCSE in science double award in any Pearson-Edexcel approved examination center in the UK, or if you are an overseas student then you can either sit for the formal exam of this course in any of Pearson-Edexcel approved exam centers in your country of residence or with the nearest British Council branch to you. The full name of the qualifications is:

Pearson-Edexcel International GCSE in science double award (4SD0)

Entry Requirements

Academic requirements: You don't need any previous qualifications to enrol in any of our IGCSE courses, but you will only need some basic maths for this course. For student who needs some mathematics push or brush up, we have designed for them a mathematics preparation short course to study before starting their IGCSE course, that shall help in filling up any lack or gap in maths basics skills. The course is most suitable to applicants who has studied to a school level equivalent to or higher than grade 8 or any other equivalent qualification.

English language requirement: If your first language is English then you may skip this section.
If your first language is Not English and you wish to enrol in our IGCSE courses then you are required to take our free online English proficiency test (EPT) in order to assess if you can join our IGCSE courses immediately or would require to take some English language courses for preparation first. Upon finishing your EPT test you will immediate have a feedback on your English language skills and which level it is equivalent to, just follow the on-screen instructions to the end. To take the English proficiency test please click here.
If your English language skills do not qualify you to start immediately, then you can still enrol in our IGCSE courses, that will entitle you to join our English language preparation courses from any English level that you have presently up to the Elementary level 3B free of charge provided you have already enrolled in 5 International GCSE subjects.


The IGCSE in Science Double Award gives the student the opportunity to progress to the International AS-level to any of the 3 subjects including biology, chemistry or physics. The second option is to add it together with another three to four International GCSEs subjects to qualify you to meet most of British university foundation year admission criteria (the number of IGCSE subjects depends on each university requirements).



The best way to develop practical and investigative skills is achieved through experimental activities. This course contains a number of experiments you can carry out either by using our virtual experiment or by practicing with our digital interactivities resources to help you grasping specific concepts taught across the syllabus. The virtual labs and experiments will be perfect tools to develop your experimental skills.
Please remember that there are some practical components in the content of the specifications, which students need to describe where the knowledge of this practical part and the ability to interpret the resulting data, is required for the examinations. Our virtual labs and experiments interactivities would be of a great help to you with your practical-based components in the formal exams which is a written test (No laboratory access is required in the exam for neither full-time nor distance learners). We assure our students to have a decent amount of digital interactivities and experiments resources that cannot be found in any other single school and all of this to ensure equipping your study with us with the best learning quality.


Duration of The Course and Study Period

The duration of any of our International GCSE courses is 16 months, however, student has the flexibility to finish it earlier. Each International GCSE course would need approximately 300 study hours for each course; hence you may estimate the time needed for completing your course as below:

  • For 16 months study plan: you would need 5 hours a week per 1 each International GCSE subject.
  • For 12 months study plan: you would need 7 hours a week per 1 subject.
  • For 9 months study plan: you would need about 10 hours a week per 1 subject.

For each of the cases above we have allowed for 8 weeks revision period before the exam which we strongly recommend in order to revise and practice past exams papers.

Other factors to be taken into considerations when thinking of the duration needed to complete your course are things such as the number of subjects you study concurrently, whether you are employed or fully dedicated to studying the courses, your initial English language skills in reading and writing and other life commitments.


Examination Centres

It is known that everywhere in the word student studies full time at a school sits her/his exams in the same school, but due to the popularity and demand for the British qualifications many examination boards such as Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International have allowed private candidates such as distance learners to be able to sit for their exams from their country of residence without the need to come to the UK to take those exams, this was dealt with by appointing some organizations in each country chosen by the examination boards (Pearson-Edexcel or Cambridge International) in order provide the exams location to the students. There are two options for distance learner where they can register and sit for their exams in their country of residence:

Option-1: Pearson-Edexcel Approved Exam Centres.

  • For Students in the UK click here.
  • For Student Outside the UK click here.

Option-2: British Council: Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge work in a partnership with the British Council which allows students in many countries to be able to sit for their exams in the British Council as private candidates. To find more information about the British Council click here then choose your country from the dropdown menu. Please remember to inform them that you are a “Private Candidate” and would like to register for Pearson-Edexcel or Cambridge exams and provide them with exam name and code.

Payment & Monthly Instalments

The Below Payment Option Applies Only to the UK Resident Only
For instalment plan, you may spread the course fee over 10 months with each payment equals to £45 with 0% interest. If this option suits you, you may submit your application for the course by clicking the green button below then after the submission set your direct debit payment plan through GOCARDLESS button below for the Science Double Award IGCSE course: