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Supporting During COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting the UK School-Students & Interested Individuals During COVID-19 Crisis

During these unprecedented time, many GCSE and A-level students and their parents have been feeling uncertain and anxious about the considerable amount of the curriculum that was missed this year due to the early closure of schools and the cancellation of exams this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic which caused most of the British public to undergo a lockdown situation where a significant time could pass by uninvested. Towards all of that, we feel being an online GCSE and A-level distance-learning provider it becomes the right time for us to step up and contribute with our bit in releasing some of the pressure and uncertainty that some of the students and parents are experiencing in the UK currently, and that by giving the interested of them an opportunity to study with us for free any two subjects from our maths and science GCSE courses with a subscription duration valid from the 15th of May until the 1st of September for school-students and until the 15th of July for home-schooling and mature candidates.

What makes our courses most suitable at the lockdown period is the fact that our courses are entirely digital and are delivered online through thousands of tutorial videos from which none is YouTube videos but curriculum-based that have been designed by OBA’s team to make learning easier and enjoyable. That is besides the extraordinary digital resources we provide through our courses including interactivities, simulations and live-classes.


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Biology GCSE | Physics GCSE | Chemistry GCSE | Maths Foundation GCSE | Maths Higher GCSE


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Who is this Offer for?

1) School Students

Our offer aims at supporting KS3 students moving to KS4, GCSE and AS-level students. The offer covers a free subscriptions from the 15th of May until the 15th of August in any 2 maths and science GCSE subjects. The main objectives of this offer, firstly is to cover up any missing part of the curriculums due to the early closure of schools, the second purpose is to give the students an opportunity to revise what they had already covered from the curriculum before the closure thus they will be well prepared by this September to start smoothly and with confidence their new academic year.

Applications for school-student for 2 free GCSE courses in maths or science will remain open until the 12th of May, while the subscriptions will start on the 15th of May-2020 and ends on the 1st of Sep-2020.


2) For HomeSchooling & Mature Students

The aim of this plan is to support interested individuals in embarking with GCSE and A-level education. This limited-time offer includes any 2 GCSE courses in maths and science subjects for free for 2 months subscriptions from 15th of May until the 15th of July. The objective of this offer is to give the interested individuals the chance to invest in their future during this current idle time at the lockdown. The advantage of this offer is that upon the completion of the free 2 months subscription, the students can choose to drop out the courses without any sort of obligation or to choose to continue studying with us with an exclusive 50% discount of the original course fees.

Applications for homeschooling and mature students for 2 free GCSE courses in maths or science subjects will remain open until the 12th of May, while the subscriptions will start on the 15th of May-2020 and ends on the 15th of Jul-2020.

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