Learning for Mature Students

Learning for Mature Students

Secondary School Education for Mature Student

The model of education and exams of the international British secondary school education have made it a very flexible and affordable qualification especially for mature student who wishes to achieve their International GCSE or A-level qualifications but cannot afford a fix time to attend physically to full-time schools due to their work and family commitments hence the distance-learning option comes into play. Combined together the external exams and OBA School distance-learning models can offer you the following:

 1- For any International GCSE or A-level courses the students take their formal exams NOT with their schools but with external exams centre such as in any approved exams centre by Pearson or Cambridge or can be taken with the British Council in the country of residence of the student. In addition to the fact that schools are not the ones who mark your exams answers neither the one issues your qualification certificate, but it is the awarding-body such as Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge. Accordingly, mature student who studies through distance-learning does not have any barrier related to the exams venue or to obtaining the formal qualification certificates

2- There are two opportunities to take the formal exams; in January and Jun of every year, that means the mature student can determine when to take their exams based on their personal preference

3- The teaching delivery model created by OBA is most suitable for distance-learning mature students. OBA School has designed and developed thousands of tutorial videos which are curriculum-based and designed according to Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge qualification syllabi. Hence the mature students won’t need to study from the books as their primary learning source as the case with most distance-learning providers but can go ahead and start studying from the tutorial videos directly and then can use the books as secondary source to supplement their study. All of that means that as a busy mature student you are now able to decide when to take your lessons and are No more tied down to the teaching-schedule of any school’s classes

4- Besides having the whole of the curriculum lessons delivered to you through tutorial videos, you will have also weekly real-time virtual classes which are scheduled ahead and designed specifically for revision and practicing past exams questions.  During the virtual live classes, you will meet and interact with your teachers and the other students of the same course and even if you miss any of your virtual live class you will still be able to watch it later after we will have upload it on the following day to the course page hence absent students can still benefit of it  


Who are the Mature Students Can Benefit from Distance-learning with OBA School

If any of the following situations applies to you then you are probably in the right place at the moment:


 1- If you have dropped out your school education for a while and you would like to return to school education through distance-learning to pave your way to university


2. If you are working and want to improve your employment opportunities.  Continuous professional learning offers you the chance to upgrade your skills and consequently enhance your productivity and performance which contribute to enhance your earning opportunities and also increases your employability


3- If you are a soldier and you have an ambition to acquire accredited qualifications for career promotion


4- If you are a graduate and dissatisfied with your first university degree and you would like now to study a different major but your GCSE and A-level subjects do not meet the new degree you would like to study, example; if your first degree is related to languages and now you would like to study engineering


5-If your secondary school qualifications (e.g. GCSE and A-level) do not meet the university degree you would like to study and now you would like to study additional subjects or to restudy some subjects to improve you grades thus increasing your admission acceptance by universities  

Other Reasons for Mature to Decide to Study Through Distance-learning 


6- If you are a parent and wish to educate yourself and then teach your son/daughter

 7- If you are a student going to a secondary school education and wish to prepare yourself during the summer-break before your school start, or if you already a secondary school student and wishes to consolidate your learning to achieve higher marks

 8- If you are an MBA Applicant who wishes to improve on a particular preparatory course such as business studies or mathematics as stand-alone courses at British secondary school level

9- Or possibly you might wish to learn and move into teaching afterword

Education is the Way to Unlock Everyone Potential for Progression