IGCSE & A-level Accreditation

Accreditation of Our IGCSE & A-level Qualifications

Accreditation of Our IGCSE & A-level Qualifications

It is very important for you to know that OBA School does not issue your qualification, but it is the awarding-body (also called examiner-board) such as Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International are the ones responsible for issuing the qualifications and accreditations.

In most of world countries the responsible party for issuing the formal exams, marking the exams’ answers and issuing the secondary school qualification is the ministry of education, however, in the UK the case is different as it is the responsibility of the awarding-body which is a private institution such as Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International hence they are not governmental department.

It is important to know that all the exams you take with OBA School during your course are called “internal exams” while the formal exam you take after the completion of your study is called “the external exams” since it is issued by the awarding-body (Pearson or Cambridge International).

Accordingly, your external exams you sit for in the the British Council or in any exam centre in your country of residence count for 100% of your qualification marks while your internal exams that you will take during your study with OBA do not count towards your qualification marks but they are provided to you to assess your performance throughout the course and also to help you with any weak area we may spot from your internal exams feedback.

Who Issues Your Qualifications?

The simple answer is one of the below two awarding bodies:

1- Pearson-Edexcel, based in the UK

2- Cambridge Assessment International, based in the UK


 Who is Pearson-Edexcel?

Pearson-Edexcel is one of UK main examination boards and is wholly owned by Pearson organization, the world's largest education publishing and technology Company. The company is specialised in a variety of academic qualifications including International A-levels and International GCSE’s. Pearson-Edexcel operates Internationally and awards over 1.5 million certificates to students around the world every year. To know more about Pearson-Edexcel visit their page by clicking here.

Who is Cambridge Assessment International?

The other awarding body is Cambridge International, the oldest awarding body with over 150 years of practical experience working with schools and governments worldwide and are wholly owned by a world-leading university; the University of Cambridge. Over 160 countries benefit from Cambridge International qualifications which recognised by universities and employers worldwide. To know more visit Cambridge International website by clicking here.

 Which Universities Recognise Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International Qualifications?

All British universities consider the GCSE, A-level and their international versions; the International GCSE and A-level qualifications as the first recognised qualifications for their admission requirements.

Being of the finest and highest quality international secondary school qualifications, the International GCSE and A-levels are taught by thousands of schools across the world and it has a high consideration and acceptance by universities across the world.

In the below you can browse for thousands universities of which all recognise the International GCSE and A-level from Pearson-Edexcel and Cambridge International:

1-   For Pearson-Edexcel qualification recognition: to download the universities accept the IGCSE and IAL qualifications please click here

2-   For Cambridge Assessment International:  to download the universities accept the IGCSE and IAL qualifications please click here.


OBA School Responsibility

OBA School responsibility is to provide you with all guidance, support and teaching requirements to ensure you have the same learning outcomes of students attending in person their classes in physical school.

OBA School will deliver to you a full coverage of the curriculum and continuous assessment to ensure that you are well prepared for your formal exams with the awarding-body by the end of your course.

Remember that your formal exams are issued by the awarding-body (either Pearson-Edexcel or Cambridge International) which you sit for after completing your study, then your exams answers are collected and sent to the awarding-body in England who marks them for you and accordingly, they issue your marks transcript and qualification and post it to the same place where you have sit for your exams.

Needless to stress on the fact that your final exam counts 100% of your qualification marks, therefore, OBA School internal exams do Not contribute towards your qualification marks and they are provided to you throughout your study in order to evaluate your performance and to prepare you for your formal exams such that you will have built enough confidence to handle your formal exams satisfactorily.