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GCSE & A-level Tutorial Samples

GCSE and A-level Tutorial Samples

We would like you to be well-informed and aware of the types of teaching materials that will be delivered to you throughout our online courses, therefore, we dedicated the below samples Tutorials. The following samples show only tutorial videos, however, there are much more types of teaching materials that we have prepared for you in every course such as 2D and 3D animated interactivities, simulations, virtual labs, interactive quizzes, eBooks, online live classes, and more for which we make the main focus to be on visualisation and interactions in order to simplify difficult lessons and make your study enjoyable.  

OBA School has prepared tens of thousands of curriculum-based tutorial videos which cover every paragraph of the syllabi of the qualifications hence you don't need to teach yourself by reading from silent books sent to distance-learning students commonly, we will be with you hand by hand in every lesson

The below are the available IGCSE Courses we offer:

Biology GCSE Physics GCSE | Chemistry GCSE | Science Double Award GCSE | Maths Foundation GCSE Maths Higher GCSE  | Computer Science GCSEICT IGCSE  | Business IGCSE | Geography IGCSE | English as a Second Language IGCSE