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GCSE - GCSE & A-level Tutorial Samples

International GCSE and A-level Tutorial Samples

We would like you to be well-informed and aware of the types of teaching materials that will be delivered to you through our online courses. The following samples show only tutorial videos, however, there are much more of teaching materials types we have prepared for you for every course such as 2D and 3D animated educational interactivities, simulations, virtual labs, interactive quizzes, online live classes, and more for which all to ensure you can learn the new lessons smoothly through visualisation and interaction to simplify difficult lessons and make them enjoyable for you 

Although exceptions may always exist, but we always recommend you investigating with any distance-learning provider you are thinking to enrol with whether it is OBA School or others to know how much tutorial videos they have created for the course you want to join and if those videos cover entirely the curriculum, the reason to ask for such is due to the fact that many students get disappointed after subscribing when discovering that what they have been promised of were just some random sets of YouTube tutorial videos linked to the eLearning of the distance-learning provider, but with OBA School the case is different and can confidently take you directly to our eLearning platform before even you have enrolled to show you how each IGCSE or International A-level subject is furnished with hundreds of tutorials from which all were designed and developed by OBA School team over 7 years of production in order to ease your learning experience and make it joyful 

Over the last decade OBA School has prepared tens of thousands of curriculum-based tutorial videos which covers every paragraph of the syllabi of the qualifications hence you wouldn’t need to learn anything alone, we will be with you hand by hand in every lesson